Turram POS is specially designed to provide ease of use features for an average user. Many user find it difficult to edit menu in convenient way.

To fix this most common issue, Turram POS provides multiple ways to edit, manage and change items. Every installation of Turram POS comes with CLOUD based Admin Panel which provides:

  • Item Management
  • Category Management
  • Modifier Management
  • Online Reports
  • Online Ordering Management
  • QR Code Ordering management

Just open your admin panel on mobile browser, do the required changes and restart application on POS System.
Software also allow showing prompt popup for Name/Number entry to eligible orders like Takeaway,Phone Orders and Delivery Orders.

Integrate any Bank EFTPOS machine within Australia.

If you are not based in Australia and would like us to integrate EFTPOS machine on your country then just contact us and we will do our best to facilitate you.

Package includes:

  • Web based Admin Panel with Online Item Management and reports
  • Free Consultation
  • Free Support ( to fix issues only)
  • one time Menu Programming included with max 50 items (AU, NZ only)

POS System Package (Australia, NZ)

Premium Package 80$/Month 150 items, 50 Categories, 100 Modifiers, 50 Operators includes Admin Panel
Easy Package 60$/Month 50 Items, 10 Categories,20 Modifiers, 5 Operators Admin Panel


Europe/UK/Sweden/Denmark(Billed 6 Month, Yearly)

Premium Package 60EUR/Month 150 items, 50 Categories, 100 Modifiers, 50 Operators includes Admin Panel, Free QR Takeaway Ordering
Easy Package 40$/Month 50 Items, 10 Categories,20 Modifiers, 5 Operators Admin Panel


US/Mexico/GULF Areas (Billed 6 Month, Yearly)

Premium Package 60USD/Month 150 items, 50 Categories, 100 Modifiers, 50 Operators, 2 Terminals includes Admin Panel, Free QR Takeaway Ordering
Easy Package 40USD/Month 50 Items, 10 Categories,20 Modifiers, 5 Operators, 1 Terminal Admin Panel



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Turram POS Cloud Software Premium Package Monthly





Turram POS Cloud Software Basic Package Monthly



  • Kitchen Display/ Chef Module +10$/Month/Screen
  • Waiter PAD Application (Android only) 200$/Tablet ( Hardware not included)
    valid till subscription.


10.6″ inch Bundle ( Total Cost inc GST  2000$)

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10.6″ inch POS System Bundle


Tablet POS System Receipt Printer

  • 12″ inch Element POS Screen
  • Cash Drawer
  • Thermal Printer Element Brand
  • Turram POS Software 1 Year Subscription free (renewal cost 60$/Month-Billed annually)
  • 3 Month Free Support



15″ inch Bundle  ( Total Cost inc GST 2500$)

AHB Element POS System Bundle

  • 15″ inch Element Brand Screen
  • Thermal Printer
  • Cash Drawer
  • Turram POS 1 yr free Subscription (Renewal Cost 60$/Month billed annually)


POS System + Self Service Bundle (Total Cost inc GST 5000$)

POS System + Self Service Bundle

Self Service Kiosk Bundle                  

  • 15″ inch Element Front Counter POS System
  • 22″ inch Self Service Kiosk
  • Element Brand Thermal Printer front Counter
  • Element Brand Printer for Kiosk
  • Cash Drawer
  • Turram POS Software (Takeaway,Dine-in) (1 Year Subscription)
  • Turram Self Service Module ( 1 Year Subscription)


Self Service Kiosk Bundle (Total Cost inc GST 3000$)

Self Service Kiosk Bundle

Self Service Kiosk                              

  • 22 Inch Self Service Kiosk
  • Element Brand Thermal Printer
  • Turram POS Software (Takeaway,Dinein) (1 Year Subscription)
  • Turram Self Service Module ( 1 Year Subscription)


DINEIN Package (Total Cost inc GST 3500$)

Dine-IN Package POS System + Waiter Pad + 2 Printers

Receipt Printer Android Tablet Waiter padTurram POS Waiter Pad

  • 15″ inch Element POS System (for Front Counter)
  • Front Counter Thermal Printer
  • Kitchen Printer
  • Cash Drawer
  • Waiter Pad (Android tablet)1 year Warranty
  • Turram POS Software 1 Yr Subscription (60$/Month renewal Cost)
  • Waiter PAD Android App ( FREE – Valid until Turram POS Subscription)


Now a days with the evolution of technology, many businesses are providing Self Service Takeaway machines to facilitate their business.
Turram POS comes with default integration of Self service module which can be integrated with any bank EFTPOS Machine. You can run the application on any windows based device of any screen size.
Self Service Kiosk Module works on existing menu and allows customers to place and pay order right from the machine.

Get Self Service Takeaway Application in just 40$/Month valid until TURRAM POS Subscription.
Please note that Self Service Modules only works with Turram POS software so subscription of Software is also required in addition to Self Service Module Subscription.

Self Service hardware available in 22.5 inch screen with outright cost of 2000$.
For software demo and hardware image please contact us on our facebook page.



Every installation of Turram POS comes with online Ordering in disabled mode. Once you wish to subscribe to online ordering, our team make it live within 24 hours with your existing menu.

Custom Branding/ Design:
We do provide custom branding/ Colour scheme and design option on custom quote.

Admin Panel allows setting up Schedule of Online Ordering so that user could only order within specified time or within restaurant operating hours. You can change the schedule of any particular day any time which will effect within 5 mins.


AUTO-ACCEPT, if you set online ordering as 5 Sec AUTO Accept then System will automatically accept the online order and will print the items in designated Printers.
AUTO-REJECT, will automatically reject the order after particular time which could be 60sec. This will help restaurant to check order before accepting or rejecting. If order is rejected, no amount will be charged to the customer.

Payment Gateway
Online Ordering is integrated with Stripe Payment gateway which allows taking payment online in any currency, language and location of the world.

Package details are as follows:
Within Australia (Billed Annually)

  • Monthly charges 60AUD/Month , Transaction charges 7%
  • Monthly charges 220AUD/Month, Transaction charges 3%

Europe/UK/Sweden/Denmark(Billed Annually)

  • Monthly charges 40EUR/Month , Transaction charges 7%
  • Monthly charges 80EUR/Month, Transaction charges 3%

US/Mexico/GULF Areas

  • Monthly charges 50USD/Month, Transaction charges 8%
  • Monthly charges 90USD/Month, Transactions charges 3%



Note: If you wish to Opt for Online Ordering Subscription then get the Takeaway QR Code ordering free of Cost.

If you are a busy cafe/Restaurant and wish to provide QR Code to avoid long queues then Turram POS comes with default integration of QR CODE Ordering. Which means just contact us to enable the QR CODE and our team will issue the QR Codes within 24 Hours at no extra cost.
For Free Takeaway QR Code Features just subscribe to Turram POS or Online Ordering Yearly Package.

We are providing 2 kind of QR Code ordering:

  1. Takeaway QR CODE Ordering
    Takeaway QR Code ordering comes free with Turram POS Software Subscription. Basic Transaction charges are 7% of order total.
  2. You can subscribe to EASY PACKAGE which is 40$/Month and Transaction charges are 7%/Order
    This include only one QR Code which can be used on Front Counter Only.
  3. QR Code base Table Ordering
    If you are a busy DINE-IN restaurant and want to provide QR Code based ordering right from the table then subscribe to any package mentioned below:
    a. Basic Package which is 40$/Month and Transaction charges are 7%.
    b. Easy Package is 80$/Month and Transaction charges are 3%/Order
    In Both package,maximum 30 QR CODES will be issued which will be assigned to any table# automatically. Just download , print and show the QR Code on desired Table.

Retail/Grocery/Convenience Shop Package (2600$ inc GST)

  • Cost: 2600$ Outright (no monthly yearly cost
  • 15-inch Touch Screen Element Brand
  • Cash Drawer
  • Thermal Printer
  • Scanner(optional)
  • POS Software outright
  • 3 Month Free Remote Support
  • Free Installation and Training
  • Integrate Any Bank or Tyro


  • Weigh Scale CAS PD2 +900$
  • Customer Display +100$

AHB Pos system

It is more convenient to take order right from the table if you have Waiter PAD module. In Turram POS, existing table layout will be used as main screen on which waiters can add , edit or remove items. Once order is submitted, every item will be printed on designated printer.
Please note that Waiter PAD do not provide any option to pay the table. Use Turram POS main Software to pay the table as whole or in Split.

Application charges 200$ outright valid until Turram POS Subscription.
Please note that Waiter Pad application only work with Turram POS Software and cannot run stand alone.


Download free download from lnk below.

Dropbox Link
OR copy link below in browser

Run Turram POS Setup file to install Software. It is mandatory to enter Valid business details during installation. In case of invalid installation, Demo will be blocked.
Once installed, Please run Turram POS file on desktop and enter password.
Password details are available in Credentials txt file.
In case of any questions, Please send us message on www.facebook.com/AHBSoftwareServices

POS Software 

Online Ordering/ QR Code Ordering 

Self Service Ordering

Kitchen Display/ Chef Screen

Waiter Pad

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