In the era of technology, many businesses are providing digital solutions to facilitate their customers. The hospitality industry is no different. With the increase in demand for contactless services, many restaurants are now adopting QR Code ordering systems. QR Code ordering enables customers to view menus, place orders, and pay bills directly from their mobile devices, eliminating the need for physical menus and reducing wait times. In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of table-based ordering using QR Codes and the benefits it offers to both customers and restaurants.

One of the most significant benefits of QR Code ordering is the convenience it offers to customers. Customers can easily access menus and place orders from the comfort of their seats, without having to wait for a server to take their order. This is especially useful for busy restaurants, where long queues and wait times can discourage customers from returning. By offering QR Code ordering, restaurants can increase efficiency and enhance the customer experience.

Another advantage of QR Code ordering is that it reduces the risk of errors in orders. When customers place orders directly from their devices, the chances of miscommunication between the customer and the server are significantly reduced. This, in turn, leads to fewer errors in orders, resulting in a more satisfied customer base.

QR Code ordering is also an excellent way for restaurants to track customer data and analyse their preferences. The data collected from QR Code ordering can help restaurants make informed decisions about their menus and marketing strategies. Restaurants can use this information to personalise their menus and marketing campaigns, making them more attractive to their target audience.

Now, let’s talk about the packages offered by Turram POS for QR Code ordering. Turram POS offers two types of QR Code ordering: Takeaway QR Code Ordering and QR Code-based Table Ordering. The Takeaway QR Code Ordering feature comes free with Turram POS Software Subscription, and the basic transaction charges are 7% of the order total. Alternatively, customers can subscribe to the Easy Package, which costs $40 per month and offers a transaction charge of 7% per order. This includes one QR Code, which can be used on the front counter only.

If you’re a busy dine-in restaurant and want to provide QR Code-based ordering right from the table, you can subscribe to any of the following packages:

  • Basic Package: This package costs $40 per month, and the transaction charges are 7% per order.
  • Easy Package: This package costs $100 per month, and the transaction charges are 3% per order.

Both packages offer a maximum of 30 QR Codes that are automatically assigned to tables. All you need to do is download, print and display the QR Codes on the desired table.

In conclusion, QR Code ordering is a great way for restaurants to enhance the customer experience, increase efficiency, and reduce errors in orders. By adopting QR Code ordering, restaurants can stay ahead of the competition and offer a convenient and contactless dining experience to their customers.

If you’re interested in enabling QR Code ordering for your restaurant, check out Turram POS’s website for more information: